About Eastern Creek Landfill Site:

  • Unrecoverable waste from the Genesis Recycling Centre is delivered to the landfill via the unique chute system
  • The chute transports the material to the bottom of the landfill
  • One of the largest, non-putrescible landfills in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Licenced to accept up to 2 million tonnes of waste per annum

Waste Types Processed:

  • Residual Waste
  • Security Burials
  • Floc Waste
  • Asbestos Sheeting
  • Asbestos Waste
  • GSW Contaminated Soils
  • GSW Asbestos Soils

Our Green Commitment

The EPA has conducted a “Risk Assessment” evaluation of licenced facilities, which determines an overall environmental risk level for each licensed premises: Level 1, 2 or 3, with level 3 being the highest risk. The assessment of the environmental management performance is also used by the EPA to determine an environmental management category for each licence: A, B, C, D or E, with category E being the poorest environmental performers.

Both Genesis Waste Transfer Alexandria and Genesis Waste Facility Eastern Creek scored in the lowest risk bracket and highest performance bracket for environmental management, following the EPA’s risk assessment evaluation.