The Sunday Telegraph - Energy from Waste Campaign

Date: 24/09/17

The Next Generation Energy from Waste featured in the Sunday Telegraph this Sunday.


Alan Jones, 2GB Radio talks Energy from Waste

Date: 07/09/17

2GB's Alan Jones on Energy from Waste at Dial a Dump Industries.

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Dial A Dump Industries appearance at the Parliamentary Enquiry into the Waste Industry

Date: 17/08/17

Dial A Dump Industries appear at the Parliamentary Enquiry into the Waste Industry in NSW.

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Energy from waste is coming

Date: 15/08/17

The battle to build a giant incinerator in Western Sydney is firing up again, with the man behind it preparing to be grilled at a parliamentary inquiry.


Alan Jones 2GB Radio Energy from Waste Better Than Landfilling and Providing Cheaper Electricity

Date: 14/08/17

Alan Jones from 2GB Radio - Energy from Waste is Better Than Landfilling and Providing Cheaper Electricity.

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NSW-Qld clash over dumping of waste

Date: 08/08/17

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has rebuked her Queensland counterpart saying she "needs to do her homework" after she raised concerns the sunshine state was becoming a dumping ground for its southern neighbour.


CEO of Dial A Dump Industries Christopher Biggs presents at the NSW Parliamentary Enquiry 27 June 2017

Date: 27/06/17

CEO of Dial A Dump Industries Christopher Biggs presents at the NSW Parliamentary Enquiry - proposal for plans to build the world’s largest Energy from Waste facility at Eastern Creek.

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Dial A Dump Industries featured in Inside Waste June 2017 Edition

Date: 08/06/17

Dial A Dump Industries opened the Genesis Recycling Facility in Sydney’s western suburbs (pictured). Now, the company wants to build an EfW plant - The Next Generation - and is urging the community, sector, and governments to judge the project on its merits. More on page 16. (Source: Dial A Dump Industries).


2GB 4BC - Dial A Dump planning a Green Energy Facility

Date: 07/06/17

Ian Malouf the CEO of Dial A Dump talks to Ross Greenwood about his plans to build a Green Energy Facility at Eastern Creek.


Your Chance to Submit a Parliamentary Enquiry

Date: 13/05/17

The recent Coffs Harbour Waste Management Conference was a very positive and supportive display of a range of waste initiatives. The Conference demonstrated a strong alignment of support and understanding from the full range of delegates including industry, consultants, councils and alike for thermal technology.


Ian Malouf Keynote Address at the Waste Conference 2017 in Coffs Harbour 4th May 2017

Date: 10/05/17

CEO Ian Malouf speaks at Keynote Address at the Waste Conference 2017 in Coffs Harbour 4th May 2017.

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Four Corners Investigates How National Policy Making Has Led Australia into an Energy Catastrophe

Date: 08/05/17

Four Corners investigates how national policy making has led Australia into an energy catastrophe. With rising power bills and blackouts, The Next Generation is proposing to unlock the energy from waste - a sustainable and reliable source of green energy. This local investment is an innovative solution to rising energy demands.

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Alan Jones 5th May 2017 Talking About Energy From Waste

Date: 05/05/17

Radio snippet from Alan Jones on the 5th May 2017 speaking Energy From Waste.

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Ross Greenwood 3rd May Talking About Energy From Waste

Date: 03/05/17

Radio snippet from Ross Greenwood on the 3rd May 2017 speaking Energy From Waste.

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CEO Ian Malouf Live on Switzer TV

Date: 27/04/17

To discuss the history behind iconic garbage collection company Dial A Dump, as well as the growth and outlook for the business, CEO Ian Malouf joins Switzer TV (broadcast on Thursday 27 April, 2017).

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Waste-to-energy market soars as report reveals it could grow to $33 Billion by 2023

Date: 26/04/17

Some of the best utility-based stocks to buy right now are in the waste-to-energy market and it appears the juggernaut won’t be stopping for some time yet. The market was valued at $20.86 billion (US) in 2015, and that figure is expected to rocket to around $33 billion by 2023 according to the latest analysis by Global Market Insights.


Channel 9 News Korea Incinerator

Date: 25/04/17

Channel 9 News investigates how Energy from Waste technology is already commonplace throughout Asia. Safely located within urban areas, this clean technology is benefiting the lives of those who use it. South Korea has been using this technology since the 1960s and it is now compulsory for new major housing developments in Singapore to install Energy from Waste technology. So, why is Australia still relying on landfill? Watch to find out more.

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Trisun plans green power for Vietnam, SBS

Date: 25/04/17

Sydney based firm, Trisun Energy has set a major investment target to build power generating waste treatment plants in Vietnam, as the country looks to 'green energy'. Read more to see whats happening with Energy from Waste technology around the world.


Scare campaign regrettable; claims wrong: CEO Ian Malouf

Date: 24/04/17

Dial A Dump Industries' chief executive Ian Malouf is confident that the company will obtain approval from the Planning Assessment Commission for an energy from waste facility in Eastern Creek, 35km west of Sydney, saying the small group that is running a scare campaign about the potential impacts of the facility are making inaccurate claims."


2GB Radio with Ben Fordham talks The Next Generation

Date: 12/04/17

Dial A Dump Industries CEO Ian Malouf speaks on the benefits of energy from waste and the recent announcement of the Parliamentary Inquiry.


Parliamentary inquiry launched into the Eastern Creek incinerator, Blacktown Advocate

Date: 11/04/17

Dial A Dump and The Next Generation welcome the announcement of a Parliamentary Enquiry on 7 April 2017. The NSW Government is following the example set by European nations where similar enquiries have taken place.


Summary of ABC Radio with Wendy Harmer addressing The Next Generation

Date: 07/04/17

Dial A Dump Industries CEO Ian Malouf and Wendy Harmer talk energy from waste, sustainability and politics. The proposed energy from waste facility, called ‘The Next Generation’ at Eastern Creek uses residual waste that can no longer be recycled and would otherwise go to landfill, to create electricity for up to 200,000 homes.


Separating facts from fiction when it comes to Energy from Waste, published in the Blacktown Sun

Date: 06/04/17

Dial A Dump Industries knows that a modern integrated waste management policy is based on a combination of waste prevention, sorting and separate collection, maximised recycling and energy recovery from waste.


2GB Radio with Alan Jones talks The Next Generation

Date: 05/04/17

"Dial A Dump Industries - this is a very important issue, planning to invest in an energy from waste industry that will result in huge benefits for the communities of Western Sydney."


$700M Eastern Creek EfW facility goes to PAC as opposition grows, Inside Waste

Date: 03/04/17

"Genesis is already playing an important role in recycling and re-using Sydney's building and demolition waste and our sophisticated and environmentally responsible, clean energy from waste facility will operate alongside the current operations."


Deputy mayor open to incinerator in Campbelltown

Date: 30/03/17

Two Campbelltown councillors have voiced their support for a waste-to-energy incinerator in Sydney.


Australia's first waste incinerator to be built in Sydney by DADI - Channel 7 News

Date: 30/03/17

The Eastern Creek plant will be the largest in the world and will be converting tonnes of our rubbish into electricity.


Eastern Creek Incinerator One Big Green Machine

Date: 28/03/17

The proposed Energy from Waste facility would produce electricity for 200,000 homes across Sydney, divert more than one million tonnes of combustible waste from landfill and prevent three million tonnes of greenhouse gases being released each year.


Converting Waste To Energy For A Sustainable Future

Date: 20/02/17

The Hon. Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria and Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change has launched a new $2 million Waste to Energy Infrastructure Fund to support the investment and development of Energy from Waste technologies. Will the New South Wales Government follow Victoria’s example and take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?