Dial A Dump

Dial A Dump Industries (DADI) is a leading provider of waste removal, waste management and waste transfer service providers in New South Wales.

For over 33 years DADI has provided innovative state of the art environmental solutions for the building and construction needs of homeowners, builders, landscapers and tradespeople through to warehouses and most industry sectors, in the Greater Sydney region.

The Dial A Dump Industries (DADI) Group is licensed to transport, store, recycle, reprocess and dispose of most non-putrescible wastes including asbestos with its huge inventory of bins, a large fleet of modern trucks, experienced drivers and a suite of specialised equipment to get around any access or operating issues that your job may entail.

DADI is also a proud recycler. Wherever possible DADI looks to recycle more than 85% of waste material it receives, and this is then sold back to the landscaping and building industry.

The waste that isn't able to be recovered or which is required by law to go straight to landfill is disposed of at our co-facility Genesis Eastern Creek Landfill.

Dial A Product

All our products are tested to the NSW EPA's standard and are marketed by the Dial A Product Division.


In 2006 the DADI Group acquired a former hard rock quarry at Eastern Creek and has developed a state of the art construction, demolition and commercial waste recycling and recovery centre and landfill known as Genesis.

The facility is licensed to accept 2 million tonnes per year of Construction and Demolition waste enabling it to capture a significant portion of the Construction and demolition waste recycling market in the Sydney region.